Interfarma celebrates 30 and renews institutional identity

Interfarma celebrates 30 and renews institutional identity

On December 8th, Interfarma held the virtual event “Consciência – 30 Anos Interfarma” (In free translations an allusion to “Awareness” and also “With science” – 30 Years Interfarma) to mark its three-decades history, celebrated in 2020. The Association”s new institutional identity was unveiled at the event, which brought together various health sector stakeholders. 

The future of science and innovation and patient centricity were discussed aiming to present the history of Interfarma to promote a viable environment to allow for more innovation and access to patients and a look forward.  Experts from the health industry presented their perspectives and own experiences regarding the Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS), the coronavirus pandemic, patient centricity and health access. The event was an opportunity for dialogue for future joint actions aimed at improving the quality of health in Brazil. The event was recorded, and it is available on Interfarma“s YouTube channel

New identity 

Interfarma’s new institutional identity came out of a long dialogue process that involved all its members. It reflects the Association”s present moment and how Interfarma wants to position itself in the future. “With our new identity it also comes a new purpose. Thus, besides restating our role in building an ethical, responsible, and innovative relationship between all the sector’s players, we also aim to get closer to society in order to improve the quality of life for Brazilians, with prevention, treatment and cure”, says Elizabeth de CarvalhaesInterfarma President. 

Along with its new identity, the Association”s purpose and strategy were also updated, strengthening Interfarma“s work cornerstones: innovation, dialogue, and trust. 

Purpose: Be the main source for both dialogue and information within the pharmaceutical industry, as a value provider for healthcare. Create favorable conditions for innovation, always with ethics and transparency in all processes and relationships. 

Strategy: Propose joint solutions aiming at the health systems’ sustainability, facilitating the population”s access to quality of life, with prevention, treatment, and cure. Contribute to the generation of innovation for society and for the development of Brazil. 

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